Sweet Sweat

Most fitness training days I am looking forward to the workout because, well, they’re fun and I know I’m getting a pay-off (you know that whole swimsuit season coming up). But today’s workout was just great. It’s beautiful outside and I was just keyed up about working up a good sweat. I certainly got that wish fulfilled. Our joint efforts in push-ups, squats, back extensions, crunches, and a variety of other stations gained us praise from Robbie Ray and gained me a lot of glisten (aka sweat).

Fitness training has definitely been doing me some good, although all the water I drink now days sometimes makes me feel like a camel. I played intramural soccer with my sorority at WSU, Alpha Phi, last Thursday and I actually wasn’t immediately winded! I was exhausted eventually but hey it’s a start.

Me doing "step-ups." These were a lot of fun!

John doing "dead-lifts" to work the hamstrings

Robbie explaining the next round of exercises from my perspective from the mat

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