The Creative Process

It’s usually the hardest part of job.  Trying to come up with something that resonates with the public, but also trying to come up with something that hasn’t been done ten times over. I compare the experience to repeatedly beating your head against the wall. We are in throws of a web identity makeover and the ideas have been flowing from all sides. Most of them are ok, some are good and others will be great with the right amount of finesse. But the road to get to those great ideas is a long one. It’s nearly impossible to come up with an original idea anymore; we are so influenced by outside noise, that we can’t differentiate what is our idea or someone else’s. To get to those great ideas, we often start with an inspiration and build off of it. This leads to play on words,a juxtaposition of two ideas, or the epiphany that your idea isn’t good enough to build off of. For me, the good ideas come after an intense brainstorming session when my mind is allowed to wonder and focus on other things. Our ideas are still forthcoming and although I don’t know the outcome, I can assure you, it will be a doozy.

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