The Ingredients of Creativity

In an industry where creativity is of highest value, it’s important to understand where creativity comes from, what exactly it is defined as, and most importantly, how to tap into your own creativity. Each person is different, but we all have some tricks we can apply to squeeze the most creative juice out of ourselves that we’re capable of.


The first ingredient for creativity is knowledge. Regardless of your area of work, there is always going to be a plethora of knowledge that can be learned. Having this knowledge at your disposal can only add to your greatness in producing great end results. Knowing your limitations helps as well, as understanding them further can help you generate ideas on how to creatively surpass limitations, while still following their rules.


Inspiration goes hand in hand with knowledge. Knowing your limitations and also what capabilities you have helps immensely in generating new ideas for a project, but also seeing how others have tackled similar issues can help as well. Seeing what creative solutions others have come up with can only add to your internal database of knowledge that you can pick and grab from when creating your own solutions.


This is the final, and often most important step involved in creativity. We as humans have personally experienced the discomfort of stress and pressure. When our minds are riddled with worry, we find ourselves incapable of putting our attention elsewhere. There’s a clear problem here if we’re trying to be creative individuals. If you can’t think, you can’t think of new ideas! So take steps to keep your mind and body both clear and relaxed.


Creativity is important, to the individual in a creative industry, and also to humankind for new developments in technology and society. Ensuring we take the necessary steps to maximize creativity can reap huge benefits. Making sure you tackle each situation with a fresh, clean mental slate is important. Next, fill yourself with knowledge and inspiraiton, and keep worry about external problems out so that the fresh ideas can flow in unhindered. Keep these steps in mind, and you’re sure to get more out of your creative side.

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