The itch to Twitchhike

Paul Smith, also known as the Twitchhiker, shared stories about his amazing Twitter adventure at Mead’s Corner on Monday. Smith came up with the idea of Twitchhiker to see how far he could travel around the world in 30 days using Twitter. He had to heavily rely on the generosity of Tweeps to bring him into their home and get him from place to place. You may ask, “What about safety?” With the openness of social media, Smith was able to profile the people that were wanting to bring him to their city, ensuring his safety would not be at risk.

Twitter has influence in building connections and relationships. Smith showed a diagram of connections he made when he started his journey along with those who helped him to complete it. Many of them became connections with each other. He compared this type of connecting to a wedding: you invite your different groups of friends/family to your wedding that you think have nothing in common and then find out that they know each other. This smaller-scale of six degrees of separation, shows the value social media has in bringing people together.


How has technology changed the way we travel changed?

Emily Behlmann of the Wichita Business Journal had a chance to sit down with Paul Smith before the event to talk about his adventures and how technology is changing the way we travel. Smith also gives advice for how businesses can reach out to their consumers through social media.

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