The Power of Networking

Being the new girl in the big PR world is pretty intimidating. I hate walking into a room and not knowing anyone, even though I know the only way I can get to know someone is by actually talking to them. Needless to say, networking is still a skill I have yet to concur. Last week, I had a discussion with Kris about “the art of the business card exchange.” To me, it often feels awkward and somewhat forced, but she told me that most people see it as a standard process now. First, exchange pleasantries, then the business card. But I recently learned it’s what you do AFTER the meeting that can make a great first impression. I sent out a simple thank you note after meeting with the “big cheese” on the client side and not only did I get a wonderful email back, but the opportunity to be included in other networking events. In this business, you have the potential to meet thousands of people, but through this lesson I have learned that a small gesture can make you stand out in the crowd.

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