What can a Historian add to everyday life?

I often get quizzical looks when people find out I hold a liberal arts degree in history, but work in the public relations field. I just figure they never really enjoyed history or don’t see it as the tool that it is. Most people think history is written in books and shelved in the stacks of libraries. What they miss is the everyday history in front of them.

I have always looked at history as a study of scientific process. There are certain steps to accomplish when reporting on history. Many a historian has specialized or obsessed on periods and items in the past. The space race, military logistics, and women’s studies all come to mind. I never have focused all my energy on just one period of history. In my opinion, it is best to focus briefly on the subjects, garner the information and then fit that piece of knowledge into a larger context.

With that in mind, Start-Thinking decided to take the lead in organizing Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day in the Wichita area. Last year eight Kansas museums participated. The only local museums where Ulrich Museum of Art and Old Cowtown Museum. Through our efforts, Start-Thinking was able to encourage twelve local museums to sign up for this year’s Museum Day, which is September 27.  By organizing the event collectively, we can market the institutions together.

So now I am applying the same process of research and writing to Museum Day. I have organized all the source material, looking specifically for answers, taking notes of important details and using them to mold the final product. Following the step by step process I have learned to put together historical information that will make Museum Day a success.

Start-Thinking has been able to get KMUW, Postcard Planet, and Wichita Magazine involved. Postcard Planet printed donated 5000 information cards to help spread the word. Wichita magazine will be running ads to promote Museum Day. KMUW will be running on air announcements. In addition many other local entities have shown support by conducting interviews or sharing the information.

Radio Disney PSA

The twelve local museums participating in Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day 2008:

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens

Exploration Place

Kansas Aviation Museum

Kansas Sports Hall of Fame

Lake Afton Public Observatory

Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology

Mid-America All-Indian Center

Old Cowtown Museum

Ulrich Museum of Art

Wichita Center for the Arts

Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum

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