Wichitans of the Year – 2008

Wichitans of the Year is an event that Start-Thinking produced for Wichita magazine. The event was held for 10 people in Wichita that were nominated by their peers for this honor. As you can read in the December issue of Wichita magazine these people do a lot for other people and really help our community grow.

The occasion was a special one so Tom and Kris and I chose black, white and silver as the color palette. The honorees stand out in real life so I wanted the invitation to stand out as well. The color scheme helped give the invitation a formal look and also helped control the cost of printing. The upside of budget constraints is that, as Kris says, “inside the box thinking forces us to be creative with whatever limited resources are available.” The downside it that some of the ideas I have are bypassed due to budgetary limitations.

In the end, we arrived at an effective invitation that metallic spot color and spot UV coating may not have gathered any different results that what we did get.  Another reason that this worked out is because not only were we using this as a printed invite we used it in electronic invitations, where metallic ink and spot UV coating would not have had an impact.

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