Yvonne Jacquette, Metropolitan Area Triptych

Debbie from Wichita Art Museum called and asked for help with some simple table decor for a dinner honoring Yvonne Jacquette the artist of a recent acquisition.

The photo shows how elegant a simple table setting can be and demonstrates how we borrowed some of the orange color in Metropolitan Area Triptych (see an image of the art below) to tie the art to the table setting.


Yvonne Jacquette (b. 1934), Metropolitan Area Triptych, 2007, oil on canvas. Wichita Art Museum, S.O. “Bud” Beren Memorial. Funds contributed by the Murdock Society of the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum, Louise Beren and the Beren Memorial Fund. 2008. 5a,b,c. Photo courtesy of Wichita Art Museum.

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